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This is where the conversation begins, that is by letting you know upfront the price range for our video production services. Yes, we are more affordable than other video production service companies, especially in SoCal and surrounding areas. If you can see the value, then next let’s schedule a brief call to get an insight into your business needs and branding goals. During that quick call, I’ll also share our approach and capabilities. You’re invited to come into our crazy cool studio, or we can film at your location* Pamiz Studio offers a basic video production package, but you can also get a quote for our monthly plan ~  below to get started on boosting your brand consistently.
*no-cost for travel time within the agreed mile radius

Basic videos start at $500

As David here just explained, our affordable video production services are built with your business in mind.

Pamiz’ Basic “Let’s Get Started” deal is a great way to obtain your first video!

The best practice strategy is to produce videos on a regular basis, to fill your marketing content calendar or your organization’s video library.  Here’s where Pamiz Studio can be the most effective.

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