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The Five Phases of Video Production

If a video production is to succeed, it must be well-planned.

Video productions often involve many moving parts and components. Additionally, there are also physical and human assets that must be managed. It is crucial that all aspects of video production are in order before the cameras begin rolling, but don’t worry.  Pamiz Studio handle everything. 

These are the five key phases of video production, and how they are managed to achieve maximum success.

Create a Game Plan

First we brainstorm ideas for the video production  and then we determine the best strategy, budget and storyline for production.

Script & Storyboard

We develop a script that speaks to your audience -  Furthermore we will create storyboards that help in planning your video. Finally, we determine what scenes are needed to better tell your organization's story.


The actual day of shooting will happen on-site at your location, in the Pamiz Studio or we will locate a venue that is conducive to your vision.

Production day is the time-sensitive phase of any project. As a matter of fact, a well-managed video shoot must function like a well-oiled machine. Every additional day of filming  will incur substantial costs. Accordingly, preparation, planning and flexibility will be included in the details.


During post-production, better known as video editing is where adjustment are made. Afterwards, scenes are placed into their final sequence, titles, music, transitions, graphics, voice-over, and lastly the B-reel is pulled together.

Finish Project Delivery

Once the video has been reviewed by you, revisions made, approval given, Pamiz Studio will deliver the finished version to you for your preferred distribution. 

Furthermore, additional versions can be repurposed, and sliced into social media clips too.

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