Affordable lighting doesn’t have to be cheap. For this Deals of the Week, we aim to prove that.
Lighting has always been a game of give and take. Either creatives sacrifice budget for amazing accuracy and output, or they deal with lackluster performance to save a buck. But that doesn’t have to be the case. For a hundred bucks or two, here are three lighting options to get you lighting creatively.

Godox has been an Aputure competitor for a while now. But even if its lights don’t always meet the same standard as the competition, Godox is no slouch.

The SL series of fixtures provide solid output at a reasonable price. The color accuracy is pretty solid in a pinch, too. Here we have the SL-60, SL-100, and SL-200, which all offer a nice Bowens S-mount, CRI of 93, TLCI of 95, and an R9 of 80. While your reds won’t be as clean as pricier options, all three of these lights are a solid option for filmmakers.

There’s also a heatsink and built-in fan to help regulate temperature, as well as a specialized temperature control function to protect the LED itself.

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