Corporate results-driven Video Services


Pamiz Studio offers the full range of corporate video production services for Orange County, California (and surrounding area) businesses – each designed to maximize your message … and your visibility.

Branding Content

Storyselling | brand Boosting
Telling your company’s story through video is an important part of your brand’s marketing strategy. Our Orange County corporate video production services creates engaging videos that showcases your company, that captures your audience’s attention and builds your brand.

Promotional Videos

for professionals
Promotional videos are designed to promote programs or events for your company. They are impactful and hard-hitting with a strong call to action. Corporate video production services by Pamiz Studio will produce promotional videos in line with your branding initiatives.

Presentational Videos

Educate Your Audience
Orange County's Pamiz Studio produces the next level of presentations ~ video. Create a video that help educate and inform your customers about important aspects of your products or services. Explainer videos are designed to boost sales and gain loyalty. This is done by explaining complex topics in simple, visual terms.

Product Demo|Commercial

Showcase Your product
Promote your product with a detailed visual of how your product works and how it will bring value to your customer. Pamiz Studio product videos are stunning, and designed to help you showcase your product. When you use videos on your e-commerce, it in turn will promote product awareness across your social media platforms.

Corporate Overview Video

Recruit / Train / Retain
It doesn't matter the size of your company, you can utilize videos to enhance your communication efforts. Whether you need to create recruitment videos, share team member interviews, safety training or customer on-boarding videos, Orange County's Pamiz Studio can produce videos that are both time-saving and informative.

Podcast Videos

Talk Show Style
Podcast are very popular, but watching podcasts are becoming... well, a thing. We offer in-studio video podcast capture. Go Live, or take the recording with you or better still, get our "done-for-you-service". We'll record, edit with music, transitions, graphics and more for a complete show.