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Examples and Project IDeas


video project ideas you can use to create your first corporate video.

Video project ideas are a dime a dozen, but there are some that are superior to others! From company overview videos to customer testimonial videos to explainer videos can all be used to tell your story. The one thing we hear at Pamiz Studio often is, “I do not know what kind of videos my company should be creating!”

Today, we’re trying to alter that. The rising popularity of corporate videos as a marketing and communications tool is no longer overlooked. If you’re a businessperson who has put off this idea because you’re shy about being in front of the camera or don’t have any video project ideas, this is your lucky day. We’ll explore seven ideas for engaging corporate videos. Many of them do not rely on you personally appearing on video and some ideas are more budget friendly than others.  As we move through this post we’ll offer some video-related ideas as well, to inspire you to dive into the world of innovative corporate videos!

Some can be rattled out in a few hours, some may take a considerable amount of time to produce, and some are best executed by partnering with a professional video production company.

But the idea of this page is to get you thinking, and help you see how you can use corporate videos to drive brand engagement and of course sales. See the examples below to help get you inspired to step into the world of creative corporate videos!

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