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Choosing the Right Lens for Filming an Interview

Lens manufacturers identify a lens’s focal length in millimeters (e.g., 24mm.) The lower the number, the wider the focal length. For example, a 16mm focal length gives a wider field of view than a 24mm lens. Focal lengths are generally grouped into three major categories; wide-angle, medium, and telephoto

4 Crucial Factors that Signal the Proficiency of a Video Production Company

In an era where releasing video clips of your products and services is an essential marketing strategy, you’ll need a great video production company that can put together the audio-visual media you need. Should you check the internet, you’ll find an array of production houses claiming to provide exceptional material. If you’re unsure about choosing […]

Think Good Lighting Ain’t Cheap?

Affordable lighting doesn’t have to be cheap. For this Deals of the Week, we aim to prove that.Lighting has always been a game of give and take. Either creatives sacrifice budget for amazing accuracy and output, or they deal with lackluster performance to save a buck. But that doesn’t have to be the case. For […]

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